How the museum fits your needs

Vape museum is a non-commercial project, which collects the physical and digital sources of vaping history since 1986. Our physical storage preserved more than 2000 devices (in different generations with technical documentation and detailed specifications), patents, certificates, 3D models, RMTA, etc
The mission of the museum is to create a free information platform with reliable and expertly verified information about devices of all types (heat-not-burn and heated sticks; e-cigarettes, vaporizers, etc.) with a detailed description of their technical and consumer characteristics.
The museum forms a collection of exhibits from the following sources:
▪ acquisition of archives of professional catalogs of vape products;
▪ free samples from international topical exhibitions of vape products;
▪ samples of vape products donated to the museum from individuals and companies-manufacturers;
▪ electronic and printed publications on the subject of vaping and vape product technologies.

How can we support our visitors


Assistance in establishing the authorship of an invention

Only duly registered samples of vape devices are stored in our museum. Our museum specialists can provide an expert examination of the establishment of fakes (replicas).

Providing samples and technical documentation

In case of impossibility of unequivocal identification of technical specifications of vape devices, specialists of our museum are ready to provide reference samples and all necessary documents with technical specifications of the product.

The museum has an enormous database with reference data about vape device trademarks and technical specifications.

Providing access to the museum's professional library, archive, and databases

Our museum keeps samples of patents, scientific and professional journals on the vape industry, as well as a continuously updated electronic knowledge base on technologies, inventions, and authors of vape products.

Organization of educational events (including advanced training)

Our specialists are ready to organize seminars, training, and other educational events to improve the competence of specialists in matters of updating their knowledge and competence in the field of new technologies in the vaping industry.